Sunday, August 22, 2010

WCC Retreat! :)

Well, I got ACCEPTED into the Women's Concert Choir of Moody Bible Institute (such a stately title :) ) along with my two other roommates... aaannnnnndddd this past weekend we all went on a retreat BACK to Michigan (after I had finally left there of all things!) and just did some hang out time together.

Oh my GOSH. That retreat was the best retreat I've been on in a long time! The bonding and openness we had as all girls there was so uplifting and refreshing... I actually took the time to rest from the anxiety orientation was putting on me. It was alittle obscure going on a retreat in the middle of the first week of school, but now that I've gone I realize now why they do it that way!

Some of the thing's Im really learning and grasping is that I need to hold onto and cling to God for EVERYTHING in my life. I need to realize that I have limits and boundaries to how much I can handle and need to stop pushing myself to do EVERYTHING and be EVERYWHERE. Im starting to get first-day-of-school nerves, and I just cant wait for classes tomorrow! :) First class is at nine o'clock, and Ill keep going until around 5 in the afternoon it looks like. And although I'm going to have to slightly rearrange my schedule to fit in Choir practices, it looks like this semester is going to be consistently in the morning rather than in the afternoon (besides that one afternoon class :) ). Also, Im going to have to start making breakfast up here in my dorm during the week days because I only have the fifteen meal plan! So new things here and there, some little and some big...

Pray that I GET A JOB! Or else Ill be back in Michigan without a Moody education come September! Not cool :) (or as I also say, EPIC FAIL)

And finally, just pray that I dont get too nervous/worried when it comes to classes and everything. Thank you so much for your support! Love you guys! :)

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  1. Praying, and so happy & excited for you! :D