Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All IN! :)

Well I'm here, in home sweet home Chicago, in my three-person, apartment style dorm... with my two roommates, and a whole WORLD of opportunities!!! My orientation week has begun today with moving in early this morning (my family drove in with me, all five of them- 3 year old brother, 7 year old sister, 16 year old sister, and mom and dad) and then a parents orientation at 2.

My parents left to check in to a hotel with the kids afterwards, and I got to spend some quality time with my two roommates (which I have already talked quite extensively to over facebook, etc) and then we all went down to our first meal in the cafeteria with our WONDERFUL R.A. Noelle. :) She's a joy to be around (and she made cookies for us freshmen of Smith 7! :) Awesomeness!)

Right now the rest of my room is downstairs on Smith 6 watching a movie, while I stay behind and just take a breather to go through it all. Its alot to take in. I finally got my internet up and running, and I've been just enjoying a couple of minutes of quiet and by-my-self-ness. :)

I love you all, and prayers are still very welcome. Right now, Im just praying that I stay on track and in focus of everything I have to do tomorrow and the next few days of orientation, it's going to be really hectic.

I'm auditioning for the Women's Choir tomorrow NOON Chicago time, (Central... OR 1:00 Eastern), so pray that that goes well, and that if God wants me to do that, that it will work out!

Like I said, alot of things are going to be happening through all of this. Just pray that I stay focused, and to HIM be the glory! Praise The LORD! :)

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