Sunday, August 29, 2010


Dear everyone- The Lord has really been working miracles in my life, both little and big. Although I havent found a co-signer yet for my student loan, I am starting the first day of my new job tomorrow morning at seven (rise and shine!)... so Im really praising the Lord about that- and ONTOP of that, I talked to my school and they're willing to give me an extension on the payment I owe them, until I find a cosigner for my loan. So PRAISE THE LORD! :)

Moody Bible Institute has really become a home for me, in the mere number of weeks (or days) I've been here. The community has really been a place where I can be challenged and yet accepted. :) I've been doing nothing but meeting new people for the last week and a half! Last night I went to see the fireworks at Navy Pier, sitting on the edge of a parking-structure's wall to get the best veiw possible... it was amazing. The swells of people everywhere... and the city sounds fill me to the brim with joy!

Yesterday morning I got up early to make the traditional Gneco-style Saturday morning breakfast- Eggs with broccoli, and mushrooms, and onions... and potatos and sausage... and orange juice... MMmmmmm I love our little kitchenette! :) My roommates both told me that it was delicious- thanks mom and dad for our little traditions! :) <3

All in all, life has been good, despite the little bumps along the way. I thank and praise the Lord everyday for bringing me here, and pray that he might help me stay here. :) Thank you for your prayers and I will update ya'll as soon as something worth updating comes along! :)

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