Friday, March 11, 2011

DogWalking and ChildCaring

HOLA people. I'm SO SORRY it took me so long to get back on here, but I've been struggling with some lack-of-inspiration these last couple of months.

UPDATE: Well, I've gotten my hands on some employment- God's been really taking care of me the last three months, while I didn't have a job. FINALLY I can say that I'm bringing in some income by my own means (with God's strength, of course)!!!

I walk dogs in the mornings, and work with kids at a school during AfterCare. Salem Christian School was where I volunteered last semester for my PCM (Practical Christian Ministry, kind of like Field Education or an Internship that is required by Moody every semester for all of their students), and I asked if I could continue volunteering there this semester, even though I no longer attend Moody (at the moment). After a couple of weeks of going there and hanging out with the kids once a week, they offered me a part-time position there (working four days a week and continuing to volunteer there once a week), and possibly a summer position! WOW thank you LORD!

As for walking dogs, it's a pretty good job in the mornings, taking the Brown Line ALLLL the way up north to the Fransisco stop and walking around the beautiful neighbourhoods near Montrose and California... I enjoy the alone-thinking-praying time... but I feel like I haven't been taking advantage of it like I should be. :P

SO Life has been okay. It's hard to figure out whats going on in my own life, God's been really leaving it as a mystery. As for long-term goals, I don't really have any, besides the obvious- return to school (when? Idk), get married (in the FAR future... Lord Willing) and move to New York (still a goal? As of now, the Lord hasn't changed my heart for NYC yet).

CB has been awesome! God has been doing amazing things in the people on Saturdays and every other day, and as Spring Break comes around the bend, Im praying that we remember our friends on the streets in our prayers. :)

Ill come soon, I PROMISE and leave a more substantial post. :) Off to work!