Saturday, July 24, 2010

Week's Close

The Saturday night rituals have a drastic change here at my family's house. I've had to significantly adapt to their ways of doing things. On Saturday we were up at the same time of the rest of the week (which was pleasanter than it sounds. I can be a morning person when I want to be)... and then we (being my Daddy and little sister) went to Romulus to install a toilet. It was a long ride, and we filled it by singing (all three of us together!) to worship songs at the top of our lungs. :) It was fun, and I had forgotten how well our voices sound together.

On the way home, we stopped by a thrift store where we found a motorized scooter! We took it home and fixed it up (it was merely sporting a little hole in it's rear tire that took ALL DAY to fix. :P ) and its mine to bring to Chicago in a couple weeks! I can't wait... the time is growing shorter and shorter.

Among the business of these past few days, I realize at this moment that I've completely forgotten to read my Bible, slow down to pray... or even think of doing any of those things! Living here has me running in circles sometimes, and the evenings bring me either barely conscious (because I'm exhausted) or feeling rushed to do everything I didn't have time to do during the day. I feel appalled that it's rolling around now to Sunday, and I'm sitting on my seat with my laptop on my knees, thinking back at my week, and cant remember one time that I slowed down to remotely acknowledge God!

Lord! I'm so sorry I've forgotten you! I am torn apart at my own human-ness; getting caught up in the whirlwind of everything happening around me, that I dont even remember the Person who privileged it to me!

Thank you so much, Lord! Forgive me, and help me to constantly have you on my mind.

I want to be sensitive to God in everything I do. Sigh... maybe this will be the last Saturday night that I look back and remember that I've forgotten.

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