Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Day on the Jobsite

I feel like sweat is secreting from every single pore of my body~ I'm all sticky and yucky and am in desperate need of a long SHOWER. But hey- Good work feels great in the long run!

Today I woke up at my usual time (720 in the morning), but instead of getting ready for a bus ride, I tied on my work sneakers, pulled on my work clothes, and took a long swig of Vitamin D infused, whole milk (NOT out of the jug, though, just to clarify).

Daddy and I cleaned out his truck from yesterday's job's tools and put in today's tools (we were doing a painting job today). We didn't leave until 1000 but I was already exhausted! I guess Im not used to this anymore!

Well, I'm in line for a shower, so I'll leave this one short. :) Another work day tomorrow!

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